USGA & Golfer Approved

Easy E T golf tees are a new, novel golf tee made from an ABS/PC blend to increase durability. The custom shape and design allows for several unique attributes to support your play, as well as promote your event, company, or business. Order yours today!

Excellent Advertising Opportunity

Designed with a wide, flat area on top and a tapered tip to fit into the golf cart cup holder, the Easy E T is excellent for customizing with your unique emblem, logo, or brand exposure. Reach out to us for your custom order needs.

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Unique Attributes for Groove Cleaning, Divot Repair and Easy Ground Entry

Easy E T's combine:

  • patented novelty groove cleaning prongs on the top of the tee head
  • an expanded surface and grip point for easy divot repair, and
  • a sharp tip for ease of use and ground entry.


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